Owner Related

Why is my property listing not visible?

Every listing on Rentontips is verified for its content, photo, location. Property is made active (visible for all) after these verifications.

I made a change to my property listing & now it is not visible in search?

Any changes to the property listing after activation will go through scrutinization process to maintain the quality of listing on sites. Don't worry! Our admin will make it active within no time if all details are acceptable..

Any recommendations for property owners while listing a property?

1. Provide accurate details while listing your property
2. Provide exact location of your property on the map
3. Please do not include your phone/email number in description of property
4. Add at least one photos of each room, kitchen, hall etc. to make your listing more attractive

Tenant/Seekers Related

I am new to city, how can I use Rentontips to find a suitable house for me?

To help new migrants to the city, we have map search feature which provides the exact location of the property on the map. You can also look for details such as nearby schools, hospital etc. on the map on the detail page of the property.

I didn't find property for my requirement, what should i do?

Please post your requirements using "Post your Requirement" button on top right corner of the page and our system will recommend a property as soon as it finds something matching your requirement.